RapidGear is a one hour drive-through service option. While you wait at our Wi-Fi enabled waiting lounge browsing through your mails on your laptop you can monitor your vehicle swiftly treated by our three experienced technician squeezing the day long process into less than one hour. Our highly refined processes with the concept, enables us to provide more concentrated care towards any vehicle.

Our rapid gear services include –¬†Engine Oil & Oil Filter Change Check & Adjust Drive Belt Tension Check & Clean Spark Plugs Check & Top up Transmission, Brake & Power – Steering Fluid Check Brake Pads & Replace if Necessary Inspect Brake Hydraulic System for Leaks & Corrosion Inspect Tyres for Tread Wear & Damage Visual check of Wipers, Battery Condition, Charging System, Exhaust Condition, Coolant & Anti-Freeze Levels, Clean & Vacuum the Car Interior.
Our experience says that a car usually gets at least one dent or a scratch every three months due to the ever-growing traffic in the city and a car owner generally tends to start getting accustomed to it as he/she does not want to leave the car for the repairs for days. But at RapidGear, now you can get those dents and scratches removed just within 4 hours.