Rapid Gear Paint Repair

Repainting the color of your vehicle has been an impossible proposition because the time it usually takes is nothing less 10 days. But not anymore.RapidPaint is an option that delivers your car back to your park-in in less than 5 days. Rapid Gear offer a range of paint correction services which aim to keep your car looking like new. Using specialist equipment and proven techniques, the paint finish on your vehicle can be reinvigorated. This will give it that new show room look and add value to your vehicle if you are looking to sell.Shayasta Automotive For Car Workshop in Ahmedabad, Car Paint in Ahmedabad. Common paintwork imperfections which can be resolved include, Spiderweb Type Swirls Scratches General Dulling Of The Paint And Trim Fading Of Chrome And Metallic Highlights .......& many more….

4 hours paints repairs

You count on your vehicle to safely transport you and your family, so don’t trust just anyone with repairing it. Let’s face it, damaging your vehicle is a real downer. The very last thing you need is additional frustration when it comes to getting your vehicle fixed.


Our experience says that a car usually gets at least one dent or a scratch every three months due to the ever-growing traffic in the city and a car owner usually tends to start getting accustomed to it as he does not want to leave the car for the repairs for days. At RapidGear you can get those dents and scratches removed just within 4 hours.