About Us

Sachin Shah, the promoter of Shayasta Group originally an avid automobile lover. Instead of joining his eight decade old family business in jewellery, he chose to take up a job in 1997 with Standard Chartered Bank. Goal was to buy a Yezdi Motorbike from scrap to rebuild with his own design. His job at Standard Chartered Bank demanded him to sell car loans in the market of Ahmedabad. His acute business sense applied in the area of his keen interest gave Sachin the first taste of professional success. In private banking community, Sachin almost enjoys a status of a celebrity.

Over the two decades, Sachin could not ignore the fact that by and large customers were technically ignorant about maintenance of their vehicles and there was a substantial lack of an honest guidance. Service providers in aftermarket had a very casual attitude. On one hand the small garages and workshops could provide personal attention but lacked adequate professional infrastructure and on the other though the company service stations had all the infrastructure, lacked personal attention and transparency. The customer with all the spending capacity ironically couldn’t avail professional services.

Over the period, Sachin got more and more convinced that there is a huge scope in spreading market awareness and a venture be launched offering professional, transparent services to a niche segment. Among the two major aspects in automobile maintenance i.e. technical and cosmetic, in 2008 he closely witnessed a venture started by his own colleague - CarzSpa. His business mind quickly saw the potential of the service and grabbed the opportunity in form of a franchisee of CarzSpa at Nehrunagar under his company name Shayasta Solutions. CarzSpa services at Nehrunagar was an instant success. Shayasta Solutions today enjoys support of thousands of satisfied clients at CarzSpa Nehrunagar.Shayasta Automotive For All cars Service and Repairs in Ahmedabad, Multi brand car service centre in Ahmedabad, Premium Cars Service & Repairs in Ahmedabad, Car Service Center in Ahmedabad.










Our Mission

Auto is all about superb quality, skills, fluids and lubricants and parts. Hence no matter what you drive, you can leave it in our deft hands without a trace of worry.


Our Vision

Whether you are looking for scheduled car maintenance, expert brake repair, oil change, steering repair, exhaust repair, wheel alignment or more, we are.